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Some of the best fruit and veg from our amazing local growers. Choose from our great range of delicious fruit and veg.

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Fruit/Vegetables Fresh

  • Potatoes - Fresh
  • Onions/Garlic - Fresh
  • Root Vegetables - Fresh
  • Brassicas - Fresh
  • Mushrooms - Fresh
  • Vegetables - Legumes
  • Vegetables - Fresh
  • Vegetables - baby
  • Cabbage - Fresh
  • Herbs - Fresh
  • Herbs Micro - Fresh
  • Salad - Fresh
  • Lettuce - Fresh
  • Babyleaf Salad - Fresh
  • Cress - Fresh
  • Capsicums & Chillies
  • Tomatoes - Fresh
  • Oranges - Fresh
  • Lemons & Limes - Fresh
  • Grapefruit - Fresh
  • Apples - Fresh
  • Pears - Fresh
  • Stone Fruit - Fresh
  • Melons - Fresh
  • Berries & Currants
  • Grapes - Fresh
  • Exotic Fruit - Fresh
  • Chilled Chips
  • Potatoes ParCook - Chill
  • Prepared Root Vegetables
  • Prepared Potatoes
  • Prepared Salad - Fresh
  • Last Updated 17/ 1/22

    Potatoes - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    36584 Agria Potatoes UK 1x20kg
    33448 Potatoes Chipping Koffman UK 1x20kg
    60067 Potatoes Elvira ITALY 1x9kg
    60107 Potatoes Mids UK 12x1kg
    39670 Potatoes Pre Packed UK 1x1.5kg
    62816 Potatoes Ratte ISRAEL 1x1kg
    23882 Potatoes Red UK 1x25kg
    26358 Potatoes Red UK 1x1.5kg
    57243 Potatoes Sweet HONDURAS 1x10kg
    6637 Potatoes Bakers 40's UK 1x40
    9589 Potatoes Baker 40's UK 1xeach
    8264 Potatoes Bakers 50's UK 1x50
    6744 Potatoes Baker 50's UK 1xeach
    6586 Potatoes Bakers 60's UK 1x60
    29507 Potatoes Baker 60's UK 1xeach
    7361 Potatoes Maris Piper Unwashed UK 1x25kg
    7634 Potatoes Maris Piper Unwashed UK per kg
    8386 Potatoes Mid UK 1x10kg
    61715 Potatoes Pink Fur FRANCE 1x5kg
    53915 Potatoes Size 1 UK 1x20kg
    5566 Potatoes Sweet USA 1x6kg
    9371 Potatoes Sweet USA per kg
    38607 Potatoes Violette FRANCE 1x5kg
    Onions/Garlic - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    32763 Garlic Bulb CHINA 1x5kg
    54723 Garlic Bulb CHINA 1xeach
    56699 Garlic Bulb Black LOCAL 1xeach
    11219 Garlic Bulb Large LOCAL 1xeach
    15945 Garlic Bulb Smoked LOCAL 1xeach
    29580 Garlic Cloves Tub Black LOCAL 1x50g
    8108 Garlic String CHINA 1xeach
    5625 Garlic Whole Peel Prepared Tub CHINA 1x1kg
    37889 Onion String-Roscoff FRANCE 1x1kg
    29209 Onions 60/80 HOLLAND 1x1kg
    29761 Onions 60/80 UK 1x20kg
    68709 Onions Grelot Red FRANCE 1xbunch
    37360 Onions Grelot White ITALY 1xbunch
    40853 Onions Pickling HOLLAND 1x5kg
    6698 Onions Red HOLLAND 1x10kg
    7966 Onions Red UK per kg
    6113 Onions Spanish SPAIN per kg
    9150 Onions Spanish SPAIN 1x20kg
    6411 Shallots Banana UK per kg
    8244 Shallots Banana UK 1x4kg
    5870 Shallots Round UK 1x4kg
    6488 Shallots Round UK per kg
    6249 Spring Onions MEXICO 1xbunch
    67341 Spring Onions MEXICO 1x12
    Root Vegetables - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    14120 Beetroot Candy UK per kg
    25482 Beetroot Candy UK 1x5kg
    9710 Beetroot Golden UK per kg
    35275 Beetroot Golden UK 1x5kg
    5316 Beetroot Raw HOLLAND 1x10kg
    7719 Beetroot Raw HOLLAND per kg
    6314 Beetroot Vac-Pack UK 1x18
    8257 Beetroot Vac-Pack UK 1x250g
    8520 Carrots Chantenay UK 1x5kg
    22040 Carrots Chantenay Mixed UK 1x5kg
    7280 Carrots Large HOLLAND per kg
    7771 Carrots Large HOLLAND 1x10kg
    5333 Carrots Medium UK per kg
    5729 Carrots Medium UK 1x10kg
    48173 Carrots Mix Heritage FRANCE 1x5kg
    13436 Carrots Orange Bunched SPAIN 1x12
    74598 Carrots Orange Bunched SPAIN 1xbunch
    5416 Celeriac UK 1xeach
    6230 Celeriac UK 1x10kg
    21313 Galangal Root THAILAND per kg
    57338 Galangal root THAILAND 1x1.5kg
    8236 Ginger Root BRAZIL per kg
    5833 Horseradish AUSTRIA per kg
    8265 Leeks HOLLAND per kg
    9904 Leeks HOLLAND 1x5kg
    33400 Lotus Root THAILAND 1x2kg
    4912 Mooli White GERMANY per kg
    7764 Mooli White GERMANY 1x15
    6345 Parsnips UK per kg
    8568 Parsnips UK 1x5kg
    12042 Parsnips UK 1x10kg
    55454 Piccolo Parsnip UK 1x4kg
    5242 Salsify HOLLAND 1x1kg
    9349 Salsify HOLLAND 1x5kg
    15515 Sandy Carrots FRANCE 1x5kg
    5547 Swede SCOTLAND per kg
    9464 Swede SCOTLAND 1x12.5kg
    8131 Turnips UK 1x5kg
    9001 Turnips UK per kg
    44229 Wasabi Rhizome LOCAL av.0.09Kg
    Brassicas - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    67467 Bokchoi SPAIN 1x200g
    68214 Bokchoi SPAIN 1x10
    6311 Broccoli SPAIN per kg
    8246 Broccoli SPAIN 1x6kg
    67406 Broccoli SPAIN 1xeach
    9082 Broccoli Purple Sprouting UK 1x3kg
    4141 Broccoli Tenderstem UK 1x2kg
    57330 Brussel Sprouts UK 1x9kg
    6450 Cauliflower LARGE UK 1x6
    7616 Cauliflower LARGE UK 1xeach
    61521 Cauliflower Orange FRANCE 1x8
    29096 Cauliflower Purple FRANCE 1x8
    38288 Cauliflower Romanesque FRANCE 1x8
    46475 Cauliflower Romanesque FRANCE 1xeach
    20255 Cauliflower Yellow FRANCE 1x8
    72652 Cavolo Nero UK 1x200g
    79734 Cavolo Nero UK 1x10
    5858 Chinese Leaf HOLLAND 1x8
    6116 Chinese Leaf HOLLAND 1xeach
    35331 Choi Sum UK 1x10
    58949 Curly Kale PrePack UK 1x10
    41228 Curly Kale Prepack UK 1x200g
    5437 Fennel Bulbs ITALY per kg
    9559 Fennel Bulbs ITALY 1x5kg
    12594 Kohlrhabi GERMANY 1xeach
    51145 Kohlrhabi GERMANY 1x20
    5647 Rhubarb UK per kg
    5831 Rhubarb UK 1x6kg
    8209 Spinach Loose FRANCE 1x5kg
    37304 Spinach Pre-Packed ITALY 1x200g
    48196 Spinach Pre-Packed ITALY 10x200g
    Mushrooms - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    8707 Mushrooms Button POLAND per kg
    8846 Mushrooms Button POLAND 1xTray
    38648 Mushrooms Cepes VARIOUS 1x1kg
    5847 Mushrooms Chanterelle Grey VARIOUS 1x1kg
    47216 Mushrooms Chanterelle Yellow VARIOUS 1x1kg
    5841 Mushrooms Chestnut POLAND per kg
    9548 Mushrooms Chestnut POLAND 1xTray
    7122 Mushrooms Cup POLAND 1xTray
    9712 Mushrooms Cup POLAND per kg
    50903 Mushrooms Enoki KOREA 1x100g
    2863 Mushrooms Enoki Golden KOREA 1x200g
    7201 Mushrooms Flat POLAND 1x1.8kg
    8168 Mushrooms Flat POLAND per kg
    5381 Mushrooms Girolle VARIOUS 1x1kg
    70761 Mushrooms King Oyster LOCAL 1x1kg
    5655 Mushrooms Mix Wild New Forest VARIOUS 1xTray
    65553 Mushrooms Oyster VARIOUS 1x500g
    6658 Mushrooms Portobello POLAND per kg
    9279 Mushrooms Portobello POLAND 1x1.5kg
    50500 Mushrooms Shiitake VARIOUS 1x500g
    34281 Mushrooms Shimeji Brown KOREA 1x150g
    55239 Mushrooms Shimeji White KOREA 1x150g
    77781 Mushrooms Wild & Exotic New Forest VARIOUS 1x250g
    32179 Truffle Black SPAIN 1x100g
    Vegetables - Legumes
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    41709 Broad Beans ITALY 1x4.5kg
    5286 Fine Beans KENYA 1x1.5kg
    7062 Fine Beans KENYA per kg
    5408 Mange Tout Loose KENYA per kg
    9896 Mange Tout Loose KENYA 1x1.5kg
    5204 Sugar Snap Peas KENYA 1x1.5kg
    7915 Sugar Snap Peas KENYA per kg
    Vegetables - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    62800 Artichoke Globe FRANCE 1xeach
    5332 Artichoke Jerusalem LOCAL per kg
    8423 Artichoke Jerusalem LOCAL 1x5kg
    37722 Asparagus Bunch MEXICO 20xbunch
    53060 Asparagus Bunch MEXICO 1xbunch
    7050 Asparagus Bunch XL PERU 11xbunch
    7762 Aubergine SPAIN per kg
    8958 Aubergine SPAIN 1x5kg
    5743 Butternut Squash PORTUGAL 1x10kg
    9560 Butternut Squash PORTUGAL per kg
    5695 Corn on the Cob Vac Pac SPAIN 1xeach
    7738 Corn on the Cob Vac Pac SPAIN 1x12
    5361 Courgette Yellow ISRAEL 1x5kg
    8235 Courgette Yellow ISRAEL per kg
    7959 Courgettes SPAIN 1x5kg
    8882 Courgettes SPAIN per kg
    69448 Muscade Pumpkin FRANCE 1x1
    10310 Nasturtium Root FRANCE 1x3kg
    63281 Okra THAILAND 1x1kg
    27344 Spaghetti Squash FRANCE 1x13kg
    71438 Squash Crown Prince LOCAL 1x6
    10802 Squash Crown Prince Gem LOCAL 1xeach
    22671 Squash Jack Be Little FRANCE 1x22
    41810 Violet Baby Artichoke FRANCE 1x44
    Vegetables - baby
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    11842 Baby Aubergine SOUTH AFRICA 1x6
    69630 Baby Aubergine SOUTH AFRICA 1xPacket
    46364 Baby Beetroot Candy SOUTH AFRICA 1x6
    66339 Baby Beetroot Candy SOUTH AFRICA 1xPacket
    33046 Baby Beetroot Golden SOUTH AFRICA 1xPacket
    71194 Baby Beetroot Golden SOUTH AFRICA 1x6
    6032 Baby Beetroot Red SOUTH AFRICA 1xPacket
    9415 Baby Beetroot Red SOUTH AFRICA 1x6
    5355 Baby Carrots SOUTH AFRICA 1x6
    5892 Baby Carrots SOUTH AFRICA 1xPacket
    16012 Baby Carrots Rainbow SOUTH AFRICA 1xPacket
    62474 Baby Carrots Rainbow SOUTH AFRICA 1x6
    9666 Baby Courgette SOUTH AFRICA 1x6
    63268 Baby Courgette SOUTH AFRICA 1xPacket
    7685 Baby Fennel SOUTH AFRICA 1xPacket
    8369 Baby Fennel SOUTH AFRICA 1x6
    7019 Baby Leeks SOUTH AFRICA 1x6
    7761 Baby Leeks SOUTH AFRICA 1xPacket
    25551 Baby Patty Pan Green Squash SOUTH AFRICA 1x6
    57548 Baby Patty Pan Yellow Squash SOUTH AFRICA 1x6
    72728 Baby Turnip SOUTH AFRICA 1x6
    77439 Baby Turnip SOUTH AFRICA 1xPacket
    6914 Babycorn THAILAND 1xpack
    7340 Babycorn THAILAND 1x12
    Cabbage - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    43623 Cabbage Hispi PORTUGAL 1x15
    74327 Cabbage Hispi PORTUGAL 1xeach
    9426 Cabbage Red UK 1x10kg
    9783 Cabbage Red UK 1xeach
    7525 Cabbage Savoy UK 1xeach
    21141 Cabbage Spring Greens UK 1xeach
    56345 Cabbage Spring Greens UK 1x10
    15976 Cabbage White UK 1xeach
    31852 Cabbage White UK 1x10kg
    Herbs - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    7022 Basil VARIOUS 1x100g
    54006 Bay Leaves VARIOUS 1x10
    58460 Betel Leaf THAILAND 1x1kg
    8985 Chervil VARIOUS 1x100g
    34520 Chervil VARIOUS 1x1kg
    34292 Chive Potted HOLLAND 1x6
    5917 Chives VARIOUS 1x100g
    5947 Coriander VARIOUS 1x100g
    46921 Coriander VARIOUS 1x1kg
    11228 Coriander Potted HOLLAND 1x6
    64143 Curry Leaf VARIOUS 1x4x30g
    77949 Curry Leaves   1xPacket
    6096 Dill VARIOUS 1x100g
    36227 Dill VARIOUS 1x1kg
    5274 Lemon Grass THAILAND 1x80g
    5830 Lemon Grass THAILAND 12x80g
    58300 Lemon Verbena VARIOUS 1x100g
    59248 Lovage VARIOUS 1x100g
    6387 Mint VARIOUS 1x100g
    32614 Mint VARIOUS 1x1kg
    38147 Mint Potted HOLLAND 1x6
    57435 Mint Tips VARIOUS 1x50
    35923 Nettles VARIOUS 1x100g
    9861 Oregano VARIOUS 1x100g
    35243 Oregano VARIOUS 1x1kg
    5466 Parsley Curly SPAIN 1x12
    8872 Parsley Curly SPAIN 1xbunch
    5648 Parsley Flat Leaf SPAIN 1xbunch
    7735 Parsley Flat Leaf SPAIN 1x12
    7502 Rosemary VARIOUS 1x100g
    8191 Sage VARIOUS 1x100g
    8871 Sorrel VARIOUS 1x100g
    5966 Tarragon VARIOUS 1x100g
    17545 Tarragon VARIOUS 1x1kg
    72910 Tarragon Potted HOLLAND 1x6
    24914 Thai Basil VARIOUS 1x1kg
    6595 Thyme VARIOUS 1x100g
    52939 Thyme VARIOUS 1x1kg
    10782 Thyme Lemon VARIOUS 1x100g
    Herbs Micro - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    43829 Buttons Buzz UK 1x30
    54491 Cardamon Leaves UK 1x10
    51799 Crowns Fennel/Dill UK 1x20g
    72104 Flowers Borage Blue UK 1x8g
    28018 Flowers Borage White UK 1x8g
    65220 Flowers Butterfly Sorrel UK 1x8g
    14833 Flowers Corn UK 1x15
    23339 Flowers Edible Wheel UK 1x1
    16759 Flowers English Rose UK 1xEach
    21944 Flowers Fuchsia Edible UK 1x12g
    18283 Flowers Marigold UK 1x15g
    49242 Flowers Nasturtium UK 1x8g
    10107 Flowers Pansy UK 1x8g
    40492 Flowers Premium Mix UK 1x20g
    19265 Flowers Rose Petals UK 1x20g
    31086 Flowers Tagetes UK 1x8g
    46145 Flowers Viola UK 1x5g
    69651 Growing Coriander Cress UK 1x16
    66111 Growing Nasturtium UK 1x8
    65320 Lemon Verbena VARIOUS 1x1kg
    29845 Micro Herb Apple Blossom UK 1x15g
    9044 Micro Herb Basil Green UK 1x25g
    6872 Micro Herb Basil Red UK 1x30g
    15848 Micro Herb Basil Thai UK 1x30g
    9345 Micro Herb Borage UK 1x30g
    8432 Micro Herb Broccoli Shoots UK 1x30g
    23346 Micro Herb Bronze Fennel UK 1x20g
    68909 Micro Herb Celery UK 1x25g
    55376 Micro Herb Chervil UK 1x20g
    11846 Micro Herb Chocolate Mint UK 1x100g
    9575 Micro Herb Coriander UK 1x30g
    48770 Micro Herb Dill UK 1x20g
    8922 Micro Herb Fennel UK 1x30g
    8025 Micro Herb Garlic Chives UK 1x30g
    28488 Micro Herb Golden Peashoots UK 1x50g
    8430 Micro Herb Greek Cress UK 1x30g
    27337 Micro Herb Green Shiso UK 1x20g
    23238 Micro Herb Horseradish UK 1x50g
    70510 Micro Herb Lemon Balm UK 1x15g
    46984 Micro Herb Lemon Verbena UK 1x15g
    34397 Micro Herb Lovage UK 1x50g
    51591 Micro Herb Lucky Sorrel UK 1x20g
    57365 Micro Herb Mint Pineapple UK 1x20g
    75502 Micro Herb Mixed Leaf UK 1x30g
    79733 Micro Herb Mizuna UK 1x30g
    4913 Micro Herb Mustard Red Frills UK 1x30g
    2288 Micro Herb Okahijiki UK 1x100g
    66134 Micro Herb Parsley UK 1x25g
    66405 Micro Herb Peashoots Growing UK 1x16
    8425 Micro Herb Peashoots Salad UK 1x100g
    52284 Micro Herb Peashoots Tendril UK 1x100g
    73349 Micro Herb Popcorn Shoots UK 1x30g
    12588 Micro Herb Purple Shiso UK 1x20g
    9729 Micro Herb Red Amaranth UK 1x25g
    31784 Micro Herb Red Cabbage UK 1x30g
    7895 Micro Herb Red Pakchoi UK 1x30g
    11738 Micro Herb Red Stem Radish UK 1x30g
    9746 Micro Herb Red Vein Sorrel UK 1x20g
    47681 Micro Herb Rocket UK 1x30g
    44071 Micro Herb Ruby Chard UK 1x30g
    63810 Micro Herb Salty Fingers UK 1x60g
    55134 Micro Herb Samphire VARIOUS 1x100g
    71937 Micro Herb Samphire Rock Flowers VARIOUS 1x30g
    44895 Micro Herb Samphire Rock Leaves VARIOUS 1x100g
    49896 Micro Herb Sea Aster UK 1x100g
    11956 Micro Herb Sea Buckhorn UK 1x40g
    34760 Micro Herb Sea Fennel UK 1x40g
    73959 Micro Herb Sea Ice Lettuce UK 1x120g
    67506 Micro Herb Sea Kale UK 1x80g
    36232 Micro Herb Sea Oyster Leaf UK 1x30g
    59407 Micro Herb Sea Purslane UK 1x50g
    24533 Micro Herb Sea Rosemary UK 1x50g
    44734 Micro Herb Sorrel Green Butterfly UK 1x20g
    21731 Micro Herb Sorrel Red Butterfly UK 1x20g
    40318 Micro Herb Tarragon UK 1x8g
    9739 Micro Herb Thyme UK 1x15g
    22640 Micro Herb Wasabi Leaf UK 1x30g
    63802 Micro Herb Watercress LOCAL 1xPunnet
    20315 Micro Mixed Leaf Wheel UK 1x1
    26946 Nasturtium Leaves Alaska UK 1x20g
    2857 Nasturtium Leaves Blue Pepe UK 1x20g
    42551 Petite Wheatgrass UK 1x4
    74782 Sea Aster Micro UK 1x1kg
    Salad - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    18850 Bean Sprouts UK 1x12
    62815 Bean Sprouts UK 1x250g
    50106 Bean Sprouts Loose UK 2x4kg
    61956 Blue Meat Radish FRANCE 1x5kg
    33548 Celery SPAIN 1x15
    77147 Celery SPAIN 1xeach
    71726 Celery Long Leaf FRANCE 1x5kg
    6843 Cucumber SPAIN 1xeach
    9792 Cucumber SPAIN 1x12
    13783 Cucumber Baby SPAIN 1x32
    7926 Radish Pre-Packed UK 20x125g
    8826 Radish Pre-Packed UK 1xpack
    25338 Radish Rainbow Bunched HOLLAND 1xBunch
    7198 Radishes bunched HOLLAND 1x15
    6355 Watercress Iced LOCAL 1xbunch
    7631 Watercress Iced LOCAL 1x16
    32159 Watermelon Radish Loose HOLLAND 1x5kg
    Lettuce - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    5423 Lettuce Chicory HOLLAND 1x5kg
    9658 Lettuce Chicory HOLLAND per kg
    11396 Lettuce Chicory Red HOLLAND per kg
    38293 Lettuce Chicory Red HOLLAND 1x3kg
    9318 Lettuce Cos SPAIN 1xeach
    9840 Lettuce Cos SPAIN 1x10
    5873 Lettuce Frise SPAIN 1x10
    5942 Lettuce Frise SPAIN 1xeach
    5984 Lettuce Iceberg SPAIN 1xeach
    8844 Lettuce Iceberg SPAIN 1x12
    37538 Lettuce Lamb's ITALY 1x100g
    43859 Lettuce Lamb's ITALY 1x8
    6650 Lettuce Little Gem SPAIN 2xeach
    8405 Lettuce Little Gem SPAIN 10x2
    7416 Lettuce Lollo Blondo FRANCE 1xeach
    8377 Lettuce Lollo Blondo FRANCE 1x12
    6454 Lettuce Lollo Rosso FRANCE 1x12
    7145 Lettuce Lollo Rosso FRANCE 1xeach
    4991 Lettuce Oakleaf Red FRANCE 1x12
    8420 Lettuce Oakleaf Red FRANCE 1xeach
    4885 Lettuce Radicchio ITALY 1x9
    5313 Lettuce Radicchio ITALY 1xeach
    65580 Lettuce Radicchio Castelfranco ITALY 1x2.5kg
    11513 Radicchio Trevise ITALY 1x4kg
    Babyleaf Salad - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    31264 Chard Rainbow UK 1x4kg
    66377 Chard Rainbow UK per kg
    16110 Mixed Baby Leaf VARIOUS 6x500g
    34815 Mixed Baby Leaf VARIOUS 1x250g
    54879 Mixed Baby Leaf VARIOUS 4x250g
    6761 Red Chard ITALY 1x100g
    5658 Rocket ITALY 1x100g
    7792 Rocket ITALY 1x500g
    9319 Samphire VARIOUS 1x1kg
    Cress - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    8447 Cress Sakura Mix UK 1x16
    51953 Cress Shiso Green HOLLAND 1x16
    4866 Cress Shiso Purple UK 1x16
    5829 Mustard & Cress UK 1x16
    7661 Mustard & Cress UK 1xpunnet
    37570 Shiso Leaves Green KOPPERT HOLLAND 1x12
    Capsicums & Chillies
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    36764 Bird Eye Chilli THAILAND 1x1.5kg
    58338 Capsicum Baby Peppers Red SPAIN 1x1kg
    5370 Capsicum Green SPAIN 1xBox
    5384 Capsicum Green SPAIN 1xeach
    5426 Capsicum Orange SPAIN 1xBox
    20434 Capsicum Orange SPAIN 1xeach
    51025 Capsicum Padron Peppers SPAIN 1x2kg
    8144 Capsicum Red SPAIN 1xeach
    8883 Capsicum Red SPAIN 1xBox
    33106 Capsicum Romano Peppers SPAIN 1x10x2
    7251 Capsicum Traffic Light Peppers SPAIN 1xpack
    13312 Capsicum Traffic Light Peppers SPAIN 1x10
    6038 Capsicum Yellow SPAIN 1xeach
    6717 Capsicum Yellow SPAIN 1xBox
    6701 Chillies Green SPAIN per kg
    6707 Chillies Green SPAIN 1x3kg
    50701 Chillies Green SPAIN 1x100g
    9693 Chillies Red SPAIN per kg
    9849 Chillies Red SPAIN 1x3kg
    35750 Chillies Red SPAIN 1x100g
    55206 Green Jalapenos HOLLAND 1x2kg
    76806 Padron Peppers Pre Pack SPAIN 1x10
    67490 Peppers Padron SPAIN 1x200g
    40099 Peppers Poblano MEXICO 1x2kg
    16827 Scotch Bonnet Chilli SOUTH AFRICA 1x2kg
    40012 Scotch Bonnet Chilli SOUTH AFRICA 1xeach
    Tomatoes - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    15729 Green Zebra Tomatoes FRANCE 1x3.5kg
    36119 Pineapple Tomatoes FRANCE 1x3.5kg
    12800 Pink Tomatoes FRANCE 1x3kg
    50184 Tomatoes Beef MOROCCO 1xeach
    66054 Tomatoes Beef MOROCCO 1x7kg
    7871 Tomatoes Cherry SPAIN 9x250g
    9760 Tomatoes Cherry SPAIN 1x250g
    64134 Tomatoes Cherry Plum HOLLAND 1x4kg
    5721 Tomatoes Cherry Yellow SPAIN 1x250g
    7665 Tomatoes Cherry Yellow HOLLAND 1x9x250g
    17666 Tomatoes Heritage / Heirloom SPAIN 1x3.5kg
    6234 Tomatoes "M" SPAIN per kg
    6310 Tomatoes "M" SPAIN 1x6kg
    5726 Tomatoes Plum Loose SPAIN 1x6kg
    8344 Tomatoes Plum Loose SPAIN per kg
    68003 Tomatoes Plum Mixed Baby SPAIN 1x1kg
    25347 Tomatoes San Marzano ITALY 1x7kg
    44180 Tomatoes San Marzano ITALY per kg
    7342 Tomatoes Vine SPAIN 1x5kg
    8678 Tomatoes Vine SPAIN per kg
    58842 Tomatoes Vine Cherry SPAIN 1x3kg
    Oranges - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    25449 Leafy Clementines SPAIN 1x60
    60643 Oranges Blood ITALY 1x6kg
    31643 Oranges Chocolate SPAIN 1x5.5kg
    5692 Oranges Juicing SOUTH AFRICA 1x105
    10281 Oranges Large SPAIN 1x48
    42832 Oranges Large SPAIN 1xeach
    18394 Oranges Medium SPAIN 1x72
    74387 Oranges Medium SPAIN 1xeach
    24839 Satsuma MOROCCO 1xeach
    64943 Satsuma MOROCCO 1x90
    Lemons & Limes - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    59984 Lemons Large SPAIN 1x15kg
    73089 Lemons Large SPAIN 1xeach
    9359 Lemons Leafy Unwaxed SPAIN 1x6kg
    8892 Lemons Small SPAIN 1x120
    43488 Lemons Small SPAIN 1xeach
    7072 Limes BRAZIL 1xeach
    8508 Limes BRAZIL 1x54
    Grapefruit - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6574 Grapefruit Pink TURKEY 1x40
    9035 Grapefruit Pink TURKEY 1xeach
    16593 Grapefruit White TURKEY 1x40
    38686 Grapefruit White TURKEY 1xeach
    Apples - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    75900 Apples Braeburn Pre Packed FRANCE 1x6
    17324 Apple Braeburn FRANCE 1x84
    8359 Apples Bramley UK 1x13.6kg
    7692 Apples Bramley UK 1xeach
    6995 Apples Granny Smith FRANCE 1x135
    73978 Granny Smith Apples FRANCE 1x84
    67266 Apples Granny Smith Pre Packed FRANCE 1x6
    78893 Apples Pink Lady FRANCE 1x84
    53330 Apples Pink Lady FRANCE 1xeach
    7002 Apples Royal Gala FRANCE 1x135
    60307 Russet Apples UK 1x12kg
    72772 Toffee Apples UK 1x20
    Pears - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    14591 Pears Conference HOLLAND 1x12kg
    71404 Pears Conference HOLLAND 1xeach
    23271 Pears William ITALY 1xeach
    51527 Pears William ITALY 1x48
    61557 Quince TURKEY 1xeach
    67949 Quince Pear TURKEY 1x5kg
    Stone Fruit - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    29273 Plums Red ITALY 1xeach
    36798 Plums Red ITALY 1x5kg
    Melons - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    7517 Melon Cantaloupe BRAZIL 1xeach
    9995 Melon Cantaloupe BRAZIL 1x6
    6374 Melon Galia BRAZIL 1xeach
    9696 Melon Galia BRAZIL 1x6
    4936 Melon Honeydew BRAZIL 1x7
    9335 Melon Honeydew BRAZIL 1xeach
    50722 Melon Water BRAZIL 1x6
    52146 Melon Water BRAZIL 1xeach
    Berries & Currants
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6732 Blackberries PORTUGAL 1x12
    9830 Blackberries PORTUGAL 1xPunnet
    14977 Blueberries PERU 1x12
    41782 Blueberries PERU 1xPunnet
    38170 Cranberries CANADA 24x340g
    5745 Raspberries MOROCCO 1xPunnet
    5970 Raspberries MOROCCO 1x12
    5509 Redcurrants HOLLAND 1x125g
    7442 Redcurrants HOLLAND 12x125g
    8957 Strawberries SPAIN 12x400g
    Grapes - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    54865 Grapes Black Seedless PERU 1x10x500
    66532 Grapes Black Seedless PERU 1x500g
    6938 Grapes Red/Black SOUTH AFRICA per kg
    5248 Grapes White Seedless PERU 1x500g
    70530 Grapes White Seedless PERU 1x10x500
    Exotic Fruit - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    7192 Avocado Ready To Eat PERU 1xeach
    48601 Avocado Ready To Eat PERU 1x18
    8132 Banana Leaves THAILAND 1x1kg
    6830 Bananas COLOMBIA per kg
    9453 Bananas COLOMBIA 1x18kg
    73880 Buddha Fingers VIETNAM 1x2
    55906 Cactus Figs COLOMBIA 1x2kg
    38949 Cassava SOUTHAMERICA 1x18kg
    7156 Coconut SOUTHAMERICA 1x50
    41515 Coconut SOUTHAMERICA 1xeach
    49828 Dragon Fruit THAILAND 1xeach
    5672 Figs BRAZIL 1x20
    6432 Figs BRAZIL 1xeach
    24082 Guava MEXICO 1x2kg
    26093 Jack Fruit THAILAND 1x10kg
    18452 Kiwano ECUADOR 1x10
    6730 Kiwi GREECE 1xeach
    9227 Kiwi GREECE 1x33
    5369 Kumquat ISRAEL per kg
    8966 Kumquat ISRAEL 1x2kg
    71525 Lychee SOUTH AFRICA 1xeach
    45735 Lychees SOUTH AFRICA 1x2kg
    40929 Mango Ready To Eat BRAZIL 1xeach
    58526 Mango Ready To Eat BRAZIL 1x8
    24410 Mangosteen Purple INDONESIA 1x15
    5828 Passion Fruit COLOMBIA 1x2kg
    9116 Passion Fruit COLOMBIA 1xeach
    16489 Paw Paw BRAZIL 1x9
    78886 Paw Paw BRAZIL 1xeach
    20930 Paw Paw Green Flesh THAILAND 1x5kg
    8382 Physalis COLOMBIA 1x12
    8941 Physalis COLOMBIA 1xpunnet
    6125 Pineapple COSTA RICA 1x8
    6129 Pineapple COSTA RICA 1xeach
    65877 Plantain FRESH   1x18kg
    37188 Pomegranates TURKEY 1xeach
    45622 Pomelo CHINA 1x11
    12110 Rambutan INDONESIA 1x60
    9234 Starfruit MALAYSIA 1x20
    9326 Starfruit MALAYSIA 1xeach
    27734 Tamarillo COLOMBIA 1x2.5kg
    30082 Yams BRAZIL 1x18kg
    78472 Young Coconut THAILAND 1x9
    Chilled Chips
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    27854 Chips 10mm Chilled Fresh LUTOSA 1x5kg
    Potatoes ParCook - Chill
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    78118 Cooked Diced Potatoes Chilled FARMERS OVEN 1x5kg
    14185 Cooked Wedges Chilled FARMERS OVEN 1x5kg
    10362 Cooked Whole Peel Potatoes Chilled FARMERS OVEN 1x5kg
    Prepared Root Vegetables
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    7498 Carrots Baton HARVEST 2.5kg
    8557 Carrots Grated HARVEST 1kg
    Prepared Potatoes
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    6473 Prepared Potatoes Whole Peeled HARVEST 5kg
    7370 Prepared Potatoes Cut Roast HARVEST 5kg
    Prepared Salad - Fresh
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    8697 Coleslaw with Onion HARVEST 1kg
    8431 Coleslaw without Onion HARVEST 1kg
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