At Harvest we cover everything our restaurant customers need, which in turn gives you a fantastic range of local, regional and international drinks to explore and choose from.

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    Wine Selection Boxes
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    15782 Ideal Cellar Connoisseur Wine Selection   12x75cl
    40257 Ideal Cellar Everyday Wine Selection   6x75cl
    Red Wines
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    71289 Cabernet Sauvignon Hardys HARDYS 1x75cl
    11931 Cabernet Sauvignon Nyala NYALA 1x75cl
    35555 Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo Red Wine CAMPO VIEJO 1x75cl
    50715 Casmatta Toscana Rosso Bibi Graetz BIBI GRAETZ 1x75cl
    54397 Gallo Family Merlot GALLO 1x75cl
    64510 Grenache Rouge Petit Papillon PETIT PAPILL 1x75cl
    55104 Hardys Shiraz Merlot HARDYS 1x75cl
    69445 Hidden Road Shiraz HIDDEN ROAD 1x75cl
    75767 Malbec Argento ARGENTO 1x75cl
    34298 Malbec Catena Appellation Vista Flores CATENA 1x75cl
    36320 Oyster Bay Hawkes Bay Merlot OYSTER BAY 1x75cl
    70972 Rioja Lagrimas De Graciano LAGRAMIS DE 1x75cl
    59626 Sangiovese Ponte Miliano PONTE MILIAN 1x75cl
    77314 Yellow Tail Malbec YELLOW TAIL 1x75cl
    White Wines
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    47907 53 Chenin Blanc Stellenrust (barrel fermented) STELLENRUST 1x75cl
    10636 Chardonnay Journeys End Haystack JOURNEYS END 1x75cl
    45135 Chardonnay Terre Forti Trebbiano TERRE FORTE 1x75cl
    64430 Gallo Family Chardonnay GALLO 1x75cl
    75406 Gallo Family Pinot Grigio GALLO 1x75cl
    34658 Gallo Family Sauvignon Blanc GALLO 1x75cl
    62275 Grillo Sicilia Naturalmente Organic Wine NATURALMENTE 1x75cl
    52178 Hardy's Sauvignon Blanc HARDYS 1x75cl
    57325 Hidden Road Pinot Grigio HIDDEN ROAD 1x75cl
    70067 Oyster Bay Chardonnay OYSTER BAY 1x75cl
    63310 Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc OYSTER BAY 1x75cl
    15466 Pinot Grigio Alios Lageder Riff ALIOSLAGEDER 1x75cl
    51360 Pinot Grigio La Maglia Rosa LA MAGLIA 1x75cl
    33063 Sauvignon Blanc Lorosco Reserva LOROSCO 1x75cl
    Rose Wines
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    47110 Gallo Family White Zinfandel Rose Wine GALLO 1x75cl
    45682 Hidden Road White Zinfandel Rose Wine HIDDEN ROAD 1x75cl
    15873 Rose Chateau Saint Roux Organic de Pays des Maures CHATEAU SAIN 1x75cl
    Sparkling Wines
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    28578 Bollinger Special Curvee NV BOLLINGER 1x75cl
    77447 Laurent-Perrier La Curvee LAURENTPERRI 1x75cl
    39024 Nyetimber Classic Curvee, England NYETIMBER 1x75cl
    38451 Prosecco Aqualta Fizzante Treviso AQUALTA 1x75cl
    69775 Prosecco Vino Spumante VINO SPUMANT 1x75cl
    36519 Veuve Clicquot Brut NV VEUVECLICQUO 1x75cl
    Wines - Local
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    50553 English Sparkling Wine'Cossack'Vintage 2014 from Hampshire DANEBURY 1x75cl
    67449 Madeleine Angevine 2018 White Wine, Danebury in Hampshire DANEBURY 1x75cl
    13469 Reserve 2017 Dry White Wine from Danebury in Hampshire DANEBURY 1x75cl
    73285 Schonburger 2017 Dry White Wine By Danebury in Hampshire DANEBURY 1x75cl
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    79160 Amber Ale Sharp's Doom Bar SHARPS 8x500ml
    38444 Budweiser Lager Beer Bottle PMP BUDWEISER 6x300ml
    70452 Budweiser Lager Beer Cans BUDWEISER 10x440ml
    47266 Crabbie's Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer CRABBIE'S 1x500ml
    44451 Fosters Lager PMP FOSTERS 4x568ml
    68608 Guinness Draught Stout Beer Surger Can GUINNESS 4x520ml
    53793 John Smith's Extra Smooth JOHN SMITH'S 10x440ml
    70276 Marston's Pedigree Pale Ale MARSTON'S 8x500ml
    27416 Old Speckled Hen Pale Ale MORLAND 8x500ml
    13832 Peroni Nastro Azzurro PERONI 4x330ml
    10632 Stella Artois Lager Cans PMP STELLA ARTOI 4x500ml
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    69991 Kopparberg Premium Cider with Mixed Fruit KOPPARBERG 1x500ml
    70760 Kopparberg Premium Cider with Strawberry & Lime KOPPARBERG 1x500ml
    37150 Stowford Press Apple Cider STOWFORD PRE 4x440ml
    33835 Thatchers Gold Cider THATCHERS GO 10x440ml
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    50157 Bacardi Blanca White Rum PMP BACARDI 1x70cl
    31601 Captain Morgan Dark Rum PMP CAPTAIN MORG 1x70cl
    71546 Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold Rum PMP CAPTAIN MORG 1x70cl
    35244 Dark Matter Spiced Rum DARK MATTER 1x70cl
    70685 Kraken Black Spiced Rum KRAKEN 1x70cl
    16862 Malibu Original White Rum with Coconut Flavour MALIBU 1x70cl
    51649 Plantation 5 Year Old Rum PLANTATION 1x70cl
    77212 Two Swallows Rum TWO SWALLOWS 1x50cl
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    73549 Bombay Sapphire Gin BOMBAY SAPPH 1x70cl
    59860 Gordon's Dry Gin PMP GORDON'S 1x70cl
    68246 London Dry Gin River Test RIVER TEST 1x70cl
    43651 London Dry Gin Sipsmith SIPSMITH 1x70cl
    33716 Tanqueray Gin TANQUERAY 1x70cl
    29332 Terres De Mistral Pink Gin TERRES DE 1x70cl
    47743 Twisted Nose Award Winning Gin TWISTED NOSE 1x70cl
    22558 Winchester Dry Award Winning Gin WINCHESTER 1x70cl
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    31198 Absolut Vodka ABSOLUT 1x70cl
    74125 Black Cow Pure Milk Flavoured Vodka BLACK COW 1x70cl
    59150 Chapel Down Chardonnay Vodka CHAPEL DOWN 1x70cl
    13160 Smirnoff Red Label Vodka PMP SMIRNOFF 1x70cl
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    55371 Cask Islay Single Malt Whisky ISLAY 1x70cl
    73132 Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky GLENFIDDICH 1x70cl
    59038 Jack Daniel's Old No7 Tennessee Whiskey PMP JACK DANIELS 1x70cl
    53688 Monkey Shoulder Whisky MONKEYSSHOUL 1x70cl
    74114 Southern Comfort SOUTHERNCOMF 1x70cl
    64797 Suntory Hibiki 12 Year Old HIBIKI 1x70cl
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    13243 Brandy Courvoisier V.S. Fine Cognac COURVOISIER 1x70cl
    1025 Brandy Napoleon C DUPRE 1x70cl
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    45760 Gonzalez Byass Tio Pepe Fino Sherry WESTMINSTER 1x70cl
    1027 Old Westminster Reserve Cream Sherry WESTMINSTER 1x70cl
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    52433 Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur BAILEYS 1x70cl
    25965 Bells Blended Scotch Whisky PMP BELLS 1x70cl
    50573 Espolon Blanco Tequila ESPOLON 1x70cl
    10134 Espolon Reposado Tequila ESPOLON 1x70cl
    25581 Pimm's No.1 Cup PIMM'S 1x70cl
    Tonics & Mixers
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    78759 Fever-Tree Premium Soda Water FEVER-TREE 1x200ml
    48876 Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Elderflower Tonic FEVER-TREE 1x200ml
    29086 Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Ginger Ale FEVER-TREE 1x200ml
    11289 Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Ginger Beer FEVER-TREE 1x200ml
    66586 Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Mediterranean Tonic Water FEVER-TREE 1x200ml
    50063 Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Premium Lemonade FEVER-TREE 1x200ml
    27094 Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Tonic Water FEVER-TREE 1x200ml
    35700 Fever-Tree Tonic Water Premium Indian FEVER-TREE 1x200ml
    49027 Tonic Water Carters Royal Indian CARTERS ROYA 1x1ltr
    Fizzy Drinks & Others
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    10260 7Up Free Bottles 7UP 24x500ml
    3175 7Up Free Cans 7UP 24x330ml
    17824 Bottle Green Presse Cox's Apple Sparkling BOTTLE GREEN 12x275ml
    3560 Bottle Green Presse Elderflower BOTTLE GREEN 1x6x75cl
    13545 Bottle Green Presse Elderflower & Pomegranate BOTTLE GREEN 12x275ml
    49086 Bottle Green Presse Ginger & Lemongrass BOTTLE GREEN 12x275ml
    45581 Bottle Green Presse Raspberry Lemonade BOTTLE GREEN 12x275ml
    33979 Coca Cola Bottle PMP COCA COLA 1x1.5ltr
    8917 Coca Cola Bottles COCA COLA 24x500ml
    3161 Coca Cola Cans COCA COLA 24x330ml
    1321 Coca Cola Cherry Cans COCA COLA 24x330ml
    1328 Coca Cola Diet Bottles COCA COLA 24x500ml
    3162 Coca Cola Diet Cans COCA COLA 24x330ml
    18045 Coca Cola Zero Bottle PMP COCA COLA 1x1.75lt
    31265 Coca Cola Zero Bottles COCA COLA 12x500ml
    5454 Coca Cola Zero Cans COCA COLA 24x330ml
    1080 Crusha Milkshake Syrup Banana CRUSHA 1x1lt
    3012 Crusha Milkshake Syrup Chocolate CRUSHA 1x1lt
    1081 Crusha Milkshake Syrup Raspberry CRUSHA 1x1lt
    1082 Crusha Milkshake Syrup Strawberry CRUSHA 1x1lt
    46033 Diet Coca Cola Bottle PMP COCA COLA 1x1.75lt
    58424 Diet Lemonade PMP BARR'S 1x2ltr
    1332 Dr Pepper Bottles DR PEPPER 12x500ml
    1331 Dr Pepper Cans DR PEPPER 24x330ml
    47554 Fanta Fruit Twist Bottles FANTA 12x500ml
    38699 Fanta Fruit Twist Cans FANTA 24x330ml
    63105 Fanta Lemon Bottles FANTA 12x500ml
    9953 Fanta Lemon Cans FANTA 24x330ml
    5781 Fanta Orange Bottles FANTA 12x500ml
    34252 Fanta Orange Cans FANTA 24x330ml
    66949 Fanta Orange Zero Cans FANTA 24x330ml
    43676 Heartsease Elderflower Presse Glass HEARTSEASE 12x330ml
    62198 Heartsease Elderflower Presse PET HEARTSEASE 12x425ml
    72887 Heartsease Fiery Ginger Beer PET HEARTSEASE 12x425ml
    12520 Heartsease Raspberry Lemonade PET HEARTSEASE 12x425ml
    64029 Heartsease Traditional Lemonade PET HEARTSEASE 12x425ml
    16868 J2O Apple & Raspberry J2O 24x275ml
    48817 J2O Orange & Passionfruit J2O 24x275ml
    41656 Lemonade PMP BARR'S 1x2ltr
    72174 Lilt Bottles LILT 12x500ml
    3168 Lilt Cans LILT 24x330ml
    40441 Lilt Zero Cans LILT 24x330ml
    68038 Lipton Iced Tea Lemon LIPTON 12x500ml
    22377 Lipton Iced Tea Mango LIPTON 12x500ml
    26111 Lipton Iced Tea Peach LIPTON 12x500ml
    49177 Lipton Iced Tea Raspberry LIPTON 12x500ml
    6720 Lucozade Energy Original LUCOZADE 24x380ml
    63044 Lucozade Pink Lemonade LUCOZADE 24x380ml
    5758 Lucozade Sport Orange LUCOZADE 12x500ml
    37961 Monster Energy Original MONSTER 12x500ml
    12465 Pepsi Bottles PEPSI 24x500ml
    5120 Pepsi Cans PEPSI 24x330ml
    24030 Pepsi Diet Bottles PEPSI 24x500ml
    79897 Pepsi Diet Cans PEPSI 24x330ml
    69830 Pepsi Max Cans PEPSI 24x330ml
    27961 Presse Elderflower Bottle Green BOTTLE GREEN 12x275ml
    44204 Purdeys Energy Edge PURDEYS 12x250ml
    28009 Purdeys Energy Rejuvenate PURDEYS 12x250ml
    27030 R Whites Lemonade R WHITES 1x2ltr
    50811 R Whites Lemonade Cans R WHITES 24x330ml
    18213 Radnor Fizz Apple RADNOR 24x330ml
    46065 Radnor Fizz Forest Fruits RADNOR 24x330ml
    78180 Radnor Fizz Orange RADNOR 24x330ml
    49181 Radnor Fizz Peach RADNOR 24x330ml
    66447 Radnor Fizz Sour Cherry RADNOR 24x330ml
    52060 Radnor Fizz Tropical RADNOR 24x330ml
    24566 Radnor Splash Sparkling Apple & Raspberry RADNOR 24x330ml
    51228 Radnor Splash Sparkling Lemon & Lime RADNOR 24x330ml
    40673 Radnor Splash Sparkling Orange & Passion Fruit RADNOR 24x330ml
    77827 Red Bull Energy Drink RED BULL 24x250ml
    42283 Red Bull Sugar Free RED BULL 24x250ml
    55263 San Pellegrino Grapefruit SANPELLEGRIN 24x330ml
    60155 San Pellegrino Lemon SANPELLEGRIN 24x330ml
    47434 San Pellegrino Orange SANPELLEGRIN 24x330ml
    58264 Schweppes Diet Lemonade SCHWEPPES 1x2ltr
    1349 Sprite Cans SPRITE 24x330ml
    5583 Sprite GB BOTTLE SPRITE 12x500ml
    39124 Sprite Zero Cans SPRITE 24x330ml
    65735 Suso Sparkling Forest Fruit Cans SUSO 24x250ml
    50960 Suso Sparkling Lemon & Lime Cans SUSO 24x250ml
    41292 Suso Sparkling Mango & Passion Fruit Cans SUSO 24x250ml
    48308 Suso Sparkling Orange & Mandarin Cans SUSO 24x250ml
    5959 Tango Apple Cans TANGO 24x330ml
    51567 Tango Orange Bottles GB TANGO 24x500ml
    3176 Tango Orange Cans TANGO 24x330ml
    31838 Tango Strawberry Watermelon Can TANGO 24x330ml
    73871 Tango Tropical Cans TANGO 24x330ml
    Cooking Alcohol
    Code Product Description Brand Pack Size
    66761 *CRG Cooking Wine Red 10ltr COUNTRYRANGE 1x10ltr
    30168 *CRG Cooking Wine Red 3ltr COUNTRYRANGE 1x3lt
    18521 *CRG Cooking Wine White 10ltr COUNTRYRANGE 1x10ltr
    10906 *CRG Cooking Wine White 3ltr COUNTRYRANGE 1x3lt
    24765 Cooking Brandy 10% Gourmet Classic GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    8585 Cooking Dark Rum 10% ABV Gourmet Classic GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    47863 Cooking IPA Gourmet Classic 5ltr GOURMET CLAS 1x5lt
    45321 Cooking Irish Stout Gourmet Classic 5ltr GOURMET CLAS 1x5lt
    2464 Cooking Madeira Gourmet Classic GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    42424 Cooking Mulled Wine Gluhwein Gourmet Classic GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    2465 Cooking Port Gourmet Classic GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    20205 Cooking Sherry Gourmet Classic GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    5605 Cooking Whisky 10% ABV Gourmet Classic GOURMET CLAS 1x3lt
    31278 Cooking Wine 0% Airen Blanco GOURMET CLAS 2x5lt
    37019 Cooking Wine 0% Tempranillo GOURMET CLAS 2x5lt
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